My Favorite Bag

Usually my favorite bag is the one I just completed… 🙂

Just finished adding this one to my store…it comes with its own matching pouch for all those little things that get lost in the bottom of your purse. I actually have about 3 different pouches for different things that I carry in my bag. I have to call it a bag because normally purses aren’t big enough to hold everything I carry.

Hmm…maybe I carry too much?  But I need everything I carry… at one time or another…like yesterday at Lowes…he says…do you have a tape measure? Of course…right here in one of my little zipper pouches! 🙂 Saved the day again! Wonder Woman and her Bag! 🙂

Are you a big bag person or a minimalist (phone,credit card and keys)?

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2 comments on “My Favorite Bag

Hahaha, you carry a tape measure? I am certainly minimalist. I have cash, bank cards, my phone and a pair of spectacles. Oh and a pen, lip balm and tiny notebook. It it wasn’t for the specs, I wouldn’t even really need a bag. Just a wallet.


Believe it or not…I have pared down what all I carry… 🙂 I have tried to go minimalist but you never know when you might need a tape measure!


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